Jon Renau Toppers

    Experience the perfect blend of luxury and comfort with Jon Renau Hair Toppers. Stylish and functional, each topper is designed to meet the individual needs of those experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or desire more volume and length. High-quality Remy human hair100% human hair, synthetic hair options, and heat defiant synthetic hair toppers offer the perfect blend of fit and style in various base constructions depending on your needs. With options like undetectable French Drawn Tops and new products like easiPart Medium HD 12", easiPart Medium HD 18", easiPart T HD 12", easiPart T HD 18", Top Coverage 12", Top Coverage 18", Top Coverage Wavy 12", and Top Coverage Wavy 18", you'll get the perfect look that suits your unique needs. Upgrade your style with Jon Renau Hair Toppers!