How to Buy a Wig

Step 1 - Assess how much coverage you need: 

At Irma’s Hairem, we have a plethora of different styles of wigs, but if you are not ready for or are not looking for a full wig, we carry toppers and hair pieces for smaller coverage or elegant additions. Explore all of our upscale add-ons here

Step 2 - Measure your head size: 

    Determine your cap size (caps are the foundation of where the hair is secured).





























    If your 3 measurements are not exactly matched to any of the sizes above, choose the largest of the 3 measurements to indicate your cap size. And if you are in between two measurements, choose the larger size. Majority of our wigs come with adjustable straps for tightening.

    Step 3 - Choose Your Hair Fiber

    There are 6 types of fibers to choose from when looking to purchase a wig:

    While you may have preconceived notions about human hair and synthetic hair, the truth is that they both have advantages and limitations, which make them the right choice in different situations. (Easier to view the comparison table on desktop)*

    Fibers → 

    Features ↓


    Heat Friendly Synthetic

    Human Hair

    Remy or Euro Human Hair

    Look & Feel

    Look & feel very similar to human hair. Comes shinny

    Look & feel very similar to human hair.

    Less shiny than synthetic, softer, and finer hair

    Typically strong, thick human hair strands. Will come shiny but after washing, will dull more

    Healthy thick or fine hair. Is the highest quality hair available. Feels and looks so real


    Easy to maintain. Holds its style after washing, will not frizz in bad weather

    Requires a little more attention and maintenance. Holds its style, will not frizz in bad weather

    Requires more attention, maintenance, & care

    Requires more attention, maintenance, & care


    Less versatile, cannot apply heat for styling or blow drying

    On low heat, can be straightened or curled. Do not color

    Can be curled, permed, straightened or colored

    Can be curled, permed, straightened or colored


    Modacrylic fibers - soft, strong, resilient & dimensionally stable. More prone to tangling

    100% human hair, typically sourced from India or China. Cuticles do not run in one direction = more tangling

    100% Human hair collected from donors cut from a ponytail to preserve the cuticles in the right direction = less tangling







    4-6 months

    4-6 months

    Lasts more than 1 year worn daily, up to 3 years occasionally

    Lasts more than 1 year worn daily, up to 3 years occasionally





    Very expensive

      If you were unable to read the table above, below is a bulleted list about the different fibers and what to expect:

      • Synthetic Fiber is made mostly of Modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of natural hair
      • Requires minimal upkeep and is incredibly practical
      • Will hold its style regardless of the climate. Will revert back to its original style even after washing
      • Lower prices & the look is almost indistinguishable from human hair
      • Worn everyday, a quality synthetic wig may last 4-6 months
      • Synthetic fibers are not heat styleable.
      • This synthetic fiber can withstand a low amount of heat for styling
      • These wigs are pre-styled and allow customization through curling or flat ironing
      • The new style will hold even after washing and can only be altered by using heat again
      • The texture of these fibers is typically coarser and more moldable compared to regular Synthetic fibers
      • Learn how to properly care for heat friendly synthetic here
      • A blend of human hair & heat friendly synthetic fibers
      • Requires the same type of care as you would a heat friendly synthetic wig. Find how to care for heat friendly synthetic here
      • Usually a higher percentage of heat-resistant fibers
      • Reaps the synthetic hair benefits of longer-lasting colors and style retention, while achieving the natural look, feel, and behavior of human hair
      • The best of both worlds but a slightly higher price tag than heat friendly synthetic.
      Human Hair
      • Human Hair is mainly sourced and cut in India and China
      • It is highly durable and can handle heat and styling products as natural hair
      • Human Hair needs more maintenance than synthetic hair and must be styled regularly
      • Human hair is heavier than synthetic and has a longer lifespan of up to 1 year or longer if worn everyday
      • Remy Hair is collected directly from the heads of donors, ensuring that the cuticles of Remy Hair are all pointing in the same direction.
      • Unlike typical human hair used in wigs, Remy hair is not damaged by stripping & undergoes a special processing that retains the cuticle, making it stronger and superior.
      • To prevent tangling, the cuticle direction must be aligned for all Remy hair strands. 
      • As a result, Remy hair wigs are more costly compared to human hair without cuticle.
      • Due to light chemical treatment, Remy hair has the potential to be more soft, silky and finer than European Hair. 
      • Remy hair can withstand bleaching and dyeing, unlike European hair
      • European hair is renowned for its illustrious shine and delicate texture
      • It is the thinnest and softest hair of the three
      • It is so difficult to locate because women from Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom & other countries aren't lining up to sell their hair. 
      • This means European hair has the shortest supply and the highest prices.
      • If you can find it, virgin European hair is stunning. It shares many characteristics of virgin Russian hair but is slightly finer.
      • This hair is wholly unprocessed and has had no chemical treatments. It is both healthy and long-lasting. Even after numerous washings, it still retains a high level of luster.
      • European hair is not the best choice for orders that require bleaching and dyeing.

      Step 4 - Choose your cap construction:

      Wigs come in unique cap structures for comfort, look & price. Narrow down your desired cap design and use our product filtering to find perfect wig for your lifestyle

      (1) Capless, (2) Standard Cap or (Basic / Wefted), (3) Monofilament - Full (Hand Tied), (4) Monofilament - Partial (Hand Tied), (5) Double Monofilament, (6) 100% Hand Tied:

      monofilament cap construction pros and cons
      Double mono cap construction features

        Step 5 - Identify your desired Style, Length & Color

          Utilize the filters on our website to simplify your search by hair length, color, texture (wavy/curly or straight), cap design, and more.
          Start with our Best Sellers. You can rely on these as they are the most popular wigs & receive the highest praise from wig wearers like yourself!
          For the top selling colors list for each brand, visit this link.


          Step 6 - Purchase necessary care products 

          After finding the ideal wig, it's crucial to have the right care products to maximize your hair’s lifespan. Different hair fibers require different care. Learn how to wash a wig here & take a look at our luxe hair care collections & accessories:

          We are available to assist you!

          We are so excited to take you on this journey and will go above and beyond to support and help you find your perfect piece. It may take some time to find the right brand, wig cap, style and color that suits you best, so don't hesitate to reach out to our phone or email for any questions or concerns you may have. We will reach you at our earliest convenience.
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