How To Wash a Wig

Why Should You Wash Your Wig?

Washing your wig can help prevent build-up of bacteria that is damaging to your natural hair, as well as your wig.

When Should You Wash Your Wig?

Synthetic Hair, Heat Friendly Synthetic - Every 6-10 wears or when (1) it doesn't detangle as easily as it did when you first got it or (2) style looks and feels gummy. Limiting the times you wash your wig will improve its longevity.

Human Hair, Human Hair Blend - Every 6-8 weeks or 7-14 wears. Do not wash your wig more than necessary - each time it is washed, the lifespan is shortened

How to Wash Your Wig

How to wash a wig. First detangle your wig. Second, run lukewarm to cool water over the whole piece. Third, pour a quarter size of shampoo and gently scrub. 4 - rinse from the roots to the ends of the wig and apply conditioner to the mid shaft to the end of the wig. Rinse again. Five, Wrap the wig in a towel and gently pat excess water off. Place it on a wig stand and allow the piece to dry naturally. ONce piece is dry, for mid to long length styles, apply HD Smooth Detangling Spray. Focus on the bottom half of the hairpiece. We recommend using your fingertips or wig comb to play up the style

Dry Human hair

blow dry human hair wig 80%
You can blow dry human hair wigs for optimal results. But do not blow dry a synthetic wig, which can destroy the fibers. 
After drying about 50% of your human hair wig, use our round wig brush for styling control and a smooth finish. 
Once completely dried, feel free to style your wig with a straightening or curling iron. 

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